Watches and Jewelry

I recently read a post on another blog, Jenny in Neverland, and I was curiously driven to consider used watches and jewelry.  I say curiously because if it doesn’t involve football or golf I usually pay no attention.  During my most active years I did wear watches ( I had a drawer full to choose from ) and some jewelry and of course tried my best to keep my better half properly adorned.

So today I want to give our Central Florida visitors a day trip to search for some hidden treasures.  All over the country there are flea markets to search through for that single item that is what you want.  The problem is that most of them have become nothing more than wall-less shops for imported crap like fidget spinners and fake leather belts.  There are still some real true to form flea markets out there though.  A really big one and a standard of the area takes place in Webster, FL.  Simply known as the Webster Flea Market, this gigantic weekly sale takes place every Monday, rain or shine year round.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still get all the fidget spinners you want.  There is so much more to this flea market.  As I said it is big….really big. webster-flea-market Plan on a couple hours at least to peruse the multitude of tables and shops. There is also a swap meet if that is your pleasure.  Two restaurants and many snack shops are contained in the 80 acre complex.  Located about 60 miles west of Lake Buena Vista, it is very easy to get there.  Directions are available on their website, just click the link above.  Do yourself a favor and take a half day to check it out.




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